About Us

 Chrome Cannabinoid  (“Chrome”) is rooted in a desire to  deliver a standardized, top-grade cannabis product. We know you have  many cannabis options and it is our goal not to  meet – but to exceed – your expectations every time you use one of our  products.  Chrome is unique because our products were developed by  renowned board-certified pharmacologists and toxicologists.  The  involvement of scientists and the lab results we have  that certify the ingredients on the label are in the product in pure  form, make Chrome a distributor you can trust.  The fact that our  products are standardized means you and/or your health care professional  can dose accurately, knowing that each dose will  contain the same amount of each ingredient.  Chrome is proud to  distribute only high-quality, professional-grade products to our  end-users and retail partners.  Additionally,  the ingredients in our products are at higher-than-usual concentrations  for maximum absorption and efficacy. We think you will agree that  Chrome Cannabinoid’s products are the most effective, plant-based  remedies, found on the market today.   

Eddie Graves, CEO

 Eddie  Graves is a proven financial professional with broad-based experience  and expertise. Mr. Graves has demonstrated his talent for facilitating  financial deals from inception through execution, paying particular  attention to the detailed work of ensuring both  parties to a transaction are fully satisfied.

A  graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in  Marketing, Mr. Graves has been able to use his education and skills to  accurately assess, research and analyze business climates and markets to  best promote, sell, and represent the varied  interests of his clients.

Mr.  Graves has worked in many financial sectors, and has grown businesses  for almost thirty years. He has worked as a Registered Representative  (Stock Broker) with Guardian, Prudential and Mass Mutual.

Recognizing  the limitations on financial information geared toward minority  communities, Mr. Graves turned his attention to improving the diversity  of the financial world by serving as the Director of Marketing and  Financial Services for Diversitybusiness.com, the nation's  primary resource portal for business connections.

Mr.  Graves has also served as the primary financial consultant for business  ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and is currently  raising capital in excess of $4.5B for commercial development projects  nationally, primarily for hospitality and multi-family  projects. Individual projects have generally ranged from $5M to $100M.

Chrome  Capital is currently working on development projects in Maryland, New  York, Pennsylvania, St. Croix (USVI), Washington, DC and Florida. Chrome  Capital also work with municipalities, helping to address the problems  caused by blight in their communities.

Mr.  Graves is the father of one teenage son and currently operates from bases in Connecticut and Maryland.  

Malik Howard-Graves, President

Malik Graves brings his many years of high-energy marketing, direct sales and management skills to Chrome Cannabinoid as the Company’s Director of Sales.  As an accomplished professional, Mr. Graves has successfully navigated sales in the public, private and academic sectors, and has demonstrated his passion for the products he sells, concern for customer satisfaction and the integrity of the company for which he works.  Malik is insistent on putting the customer at the center of every sale – he does everything he can to ensure the customer is pleased with the product and the purchasing process, resulting in a satisfaction rate of 98.9% and a return rate of 92%.  Numbers like these don’t come easy, they are the result of time spent knowing the product, researching product benefits, knowing his customer base and being able to advise consumers about what products are best for their needs.  A stickler for detail, Malik is Chrome Cannabinoid’s connection to the consumer, its retail partners and those who are simply interested in learning more about the products and their benefits.  Malik Graves is poised to introduce you to Chrome Cannabinoid’s products and to serve as your trusted advisor as you enter the world of Chrome Cannabinoid as a novice or experienced user of natural CBD products. 

Malik comes from nearly a decade of experience of promoting all  natural Heath Lifestyle products, ranging from Nutrition Supplements to  Fully 100% Organic Essential Oils. Malik assisted with the growth &  expansion of the distribution in greater North East. 

Malik is originally from New Haven, Connecticut. Currently resides in Georgia.